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Address: Calgary, Alberta
Contact: Jaylene Odagiri

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For the last three decades, you’ve known us as the Breast Cancer Society of Canada, but with a disease that is ever evolving, we have also evolved.

We remain the only organization in Canada laser focused on breast cancer research because we believe in building on the outstanding progress that’s been made. We see the power in what we do, and will continue to work to highlight the unwavering passion of precision oncology and personalized medicine.

We are Breast Cancer Canada and we champion:

  • Diversity by creating a basis of ethnically diverse breast cancer patients in clinical trials
  • Acceleration by driving Canadian research from the lab directly to the clinic with precision oncology
  • Innovation by applying research methodology that utilizes emerging technology
  • Patient leadership by developing Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) for breast cancer in Canada
  • Connection by rapidly expanding the network of research and sharing of data to support design and running of novel Canadian clinical trials

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