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Organization Type: Social & Community Services
Address: 922 – 9 Ave SE, Calgary, Alberta T2G 0S4
Contact: Regina Chan
Phone: 403-988-3319

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The Alexandra Centre Society (ACS) was created as a registered charity in 1975. The
Alexandra Centre, our building that we manage, has been at the heart and centre of
the community since 1902 – and when threatened to be no more, brought our
communities together to save a piece of our heritage. We are not a community centre,
rather the center of our community.

The ACS serves multiple communities and brings our communities together- rather than
focus on one individual community alone. Bringing multiple communities together
makes us stronger and allows for a larger reach in our City. The ACS helps support and
strengthen our communities coming together and we offer resources beyond what
local associations offer, and pickup the gaps where needed. We help engage more
residents in matters that affect us all.

We care for and protect a piece of Calgary’s history, while offering affordable spaces
for essential services. We help support the wellbeing of our residents with many helpful
and useful programs such as the CVITP tax program, Good Food Box depot, Food
Security hampers, engaging classes and camps, and community use spaces.

1.1 Our Mandate: Vision
The Alexandra Centre Society (ACS) cultivates a vibrant, inclusive, local community
where everyone is welcome, and our historical legacy is celebrated.

1.2 Our Mandate: Mission
The Alexandra Centre Society (ACS) is a collaborative organization that serves the City
of Calgary, and surrounding areas, and works to enhance, strengthen, and honour the
heritage of Inglewood, Ramsay, Beltline – Victoria Park, and East Village. Through the
promotion and delivery of cultural, social, educational, and recreational programs, the
ACS fosters an inclusive and engaged community and facility space to be enjoyed for
years to come.

1.3 Purpose of the Society
The Society promotes and encourages educational, recreational, athletic and arts
facilities, programs and equipment for the use and benefit of the residents of the City of
Calgary and in particular, residents of the communities of Inglewood, Ramsay, Beltline –
Victoria Park and East Village. In particular, the ACS endeavours to:
• Provide accessible resources, programs, services, and activities to our regional
• Provide educational, recreational, and social programs and services;
• Maintain the ACS facility, allowing space for activities;
• Improve life for residents in our communities;
• Celebrate ACS history, legacy, and heritage.

1.4 Objects of the Society
The objects of the society are:
– To promote and provide educational, recreational, and athletic facilities and
equipment for the use and benefit of residents of the City of Calgary;
– To promote, encourage, and assist the educational, charitable, athletic, and
community endeavors within the City of Calgary;
– To purchase, lease, sublease, hire, or otherwise acquire and hold lands or
buildings or any interest therein for the purpose of creating facilities for
recreational and cultural uses and to do those things necessary to maintain and
operate such premises;
– To receive, acquire, and hold gifts, donations, grants, legacies, and devises.

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