ECSSEN Career School (software developer)

Organization Name: ECSSEN Career School
Opportunity Title: software developer
Category: Computers / Technology / IT
Commitment: Ongoing Opportunity (> 1 year)
Start Date: September 18, 2020
End Date: September 8, 2028

  • Appropriate for youth (i.e., less than 18)
  • Training or orientation required
Opportunity Description:

What we do: BCharity aims to use blockchain technologies and nonprofit involvement to create an algorithmic future for charitable donations.   BCharity is the project of ECSSEN Career School sponsored by the Canadian government. ECSSEN Career School Canada Registered Charity Since 2004 (#859245102RR001)   Who we are: BCharity is a student-led initiative that’s looking to launch a blockchain finance service. Our staff includes a mix of high-school and university students, and we are always looking to expand our borders.   What is BCharity? BCharity is a student-led initiative that aims to launch a blockchain service. We hope to provide a transparent financial system for charities in order to better demonstrate how donations impact our community. To learn more about our project, visit   → Understand Blockchain in Two Minutes   Want to help out? At the moment, we are looking for youth with interested in: Blockchain Computer science Front-end scripting (Javascript, HTML/CSS)   A strong grasp of the English language and mathematical fundamentals is also recommended.   Work description: ~3-6 hours weekly. Development will require a Github account, a Discord account, and a local install of ReactJS. As an added bonus, volunteers will be awarded BCT (one of the cryptocurrencies we’re developing, haha) tokens as volunteering certificate on blockchain.   Contact Information Interested in the 6available position? Apply Now: ***Questions? Contact us at

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114 – 3 Ave. SE

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